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Increased Productivity /Reduce your media management cost

Streamline your production process and meet impossible deadlines with 24/7 access to your digital media.

Retrieval and distribution costs plus workflow bottlenecks all diminish with a centralized catalog. Easy set-up with no software to install or updates to download.

How many times have you or your company lost valuable time searching for an images or the latest company logo.How many times do you have to send the wrong image, wrong size or worse yet late for a critical deadline.Then Razzbonic, a web hosted media asset management service is right for you.

Managing your media is inherently filled with time consuming and costly pitfalls. Today,the efficient organization of you media assets is of critical importance.

Money counts and time really matters.

Not yet convinced?

Consider the costs of going on without Razzbonic. You only need to review the following if you have yet to decide how much you can benefit from Razzbonic before you sign up now.

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What will happen if I don’t employ Razzbonic now?

How significantly are the following relevant?

  • I will continue to use excessive time and money searching for and delivering images and graphic files.
  • This may cost me $... per year!
  • The cost for me and my other staff members to consistently and daily maintain and organize our digital media is $.... per year?
  • Compiling, delivering then mailing (then wanting to update the current CD’s) costs me $...per year?
  • I will continue to replace lost images, maybe lose them again and this may cost me $...per year!
  • This will waste my creative team’s valuable time and mine @$...per hour and this may cost me $...per year!
  • Delay in providing images to the market can give a bad impression and so tarnish our image. Is this a 5, 6 ...or 10 figure or more potential loss?

Add this all up; you may already be losing more than you might realize per year without considering stress levels and a multitude of other potential losses.

What will not happen if I do not employ Razzbonic now?

How significantly are the following relevant and what other might be?

  • I will not save on the losses referred to above!
  • I will not reduce the stress levels I have experienced related to lost images!
  • I will not improve working conditions within my marketing and sales office.
  • I will not protect my image in the market as well as I possibly can!
  • My business may not grow as fast as it should!
  • I will not have to pay the cost of using Razzbonic!

At this stage consider whether the cost saving above is worth all the potential benefits and or consequential losses? Convinced? If so sign up now.

If not, consider further;

What will not happen when I employ Razzbonic now?

  • I will not waste time and money searching for lost or misplaced images !
  • I will not need to continuously replace great images I have already paid for!
  • I will allow my staff to be more productive with their valuable time!
  • I will not tarnish my image in the marketplace nor create a bad Impression with out of date media!

What will happen when I employ Razzbonic now?

The bottom line.

  • My organization and distribution of images will be smoother, more prolific, more efficient and cost less!
  • We can use the time saved by Razzbonic to increase market share!
  • Our Corporate Image will be automatically enhanced so adding value to our brand!
  • Top line Sales will increase; costs will be driven out and profit will increase exponentially!