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How to start using Razzbonic.
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Q. How do I start using Razzbonic?

Razzbonic staff will guide you with each step. Fear not. Nothing will ever be etched in stone.Your online media library will evolve and grow as your content and needs change. Razzbonic requires that your company have full use rights and copyrights to use and distribute all the digital media that you place in your online media library.

Razzbonic will help you with the following steps.

  • Review your potential digital assets.
  • Review options for your naming convention.
  • Review options for your Category tree.
  • Review options for your different password levels.
  • Review options for separate online media libraries
  • Provide Razzbonic with your initial images and marketing elements.
  • Review your online media library.

Q. What are my digital assets?

A digital asset is any digital media file that has a value to your company. Digital assets can included many different types of media such as photographs, graphics, vector based logo files, artwork or even sound bites. This would also include all types of media even those that require scanning such as photographic film or flat artwork.

The media can be one of several different types of file formats, which can include rgb or cmyk files. .tiff, eps, mov files and several more industry standard file types, are all acceptable. All of these items can be part of your online media library.

What media content can I potentially include in Razzbonic?

Q. What is a Naming convention?

Depending on your industry, certain criteria will be crucial within the file name. Razzbonic recommends that a 3 or 4 letter code start as the prefix for all of your files.

The goal is to have your files fit seamlessly with your other files and also with your future files. File naming is very important and Razzbonic is here to help you.

Q. What is the Category Tree?

Like folders in a filing cabinet, your category tree serve to organize your Media assets (files). Once you click on a category or sub category the pertaining media assets are displayed.

Q. What are the different password levels?

The Online Media Administrator is the only person who can give other users permission to use your media library. Having multiple passwords controls different levels of authorizations for different people.

Q. Why would I want the option to have a 2nd or 3rd online media library?

Having additional online media libraries allows you to separate particularly sensitive or restricted media from General Users. This could contain archival, historic, special advertising or media that may be specific to a regional or for a different country.

Q. How do I prepare files for my Online Media Library.

Razzbonic has no file size limitation. Ideally, you provide Razzbonic with the very best quality digital file you can obtain. Image files have several criteria that determine the files size. Megabytes (MB), Resolution (DPI), Image Width x Image Height in Pixels. Only vector logos should be submitted. These files are ideal because they can be scaled with no loss of quality.

Users will be able to download these files in one of 6 different file formats. Original which is the same as the file you provide, A .tif or a Full size jpeg. In addition to these 3 full sizes they can also download in one of 3 different low res files (72dpi) which would be ideal for a on screen presentations or as place holders.

Q. How do I give Razzbonic my media files?

Razzbonic has several methods in which we can receive your files

  • A private ftp site will be set up so that your files can be sent to us from multiple locations and on your time zone.
  • On CD, DVD or external hard drive sent to our office.
Q. What is a vector logo?

A vector image is one of the two major graphic types (the other being bitmap). Vector graphics are made up of many individual objects. Each of these objects can be defined by mathematical statements and has individual properties assigned to it such as color, fill, and outline. Vector graphics are resolution independent because they can be output to the highest quality at any scale. Ideally, this is what you need. The graphic designer who created the original logo would be the one to provide this, if at all possible.

Vector files can be magnified as much as you like without turning into giant pixels. Anyone working with files such as logos, would prefer this file format. Logos can be easily placed over a photo or color and not be required to be outlined.

Please make sure that all your graphic files are saved with a thumbnail preview.

Q. How do I send files to Razzbonic via ftp?

When requested Razzbonic will set up a private ftp password for you to use with detailed instructions. You will need an FTP client program on your side to use this.

Registration and Logging In

In order to register, you must have permission from the Administrator of the media library that you are wanting to access. They will give you the Master Name and Master Password for you to register.

As a first time user, you must complete this one time registration form. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email for verification. You would then login as a registered user, enter your email and personalized password.
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Q. What is the Master Name and Master Password?

A master name and master password allows you to access a specific media library. When your Media Library Administrator creates the login they associate certain permissions or rights for you to enter a particular catalog or in some cases, multiple catalogs. In order for you to register and receive these permissions you need to know the Master Name and the Master Password chosen specifically for you. Please contact your Media Library Administrator directly for this information.

Q. Where do I get the Master Name and Master Password?

Each one of Razzbonic's clients has a Media Library Administrator. This person is solely responsible for giving you the Master Name and Master Password to access their own media library.

Q. Who is my Media Library Administrator?

The Media Library Administrator is the person who is responsible for giving you permission to access their online media library. Razzbonic manages the online media libraries of many different companies .If you need to contact a particular Media Library Administrator, you will need to know what company they are with. Razzbonic will then introduce you to that person. Only they can send you the required information to access their online media library.

Q. I did not receive the email with the request to confirm my Registration

Please check your junk mail or spam filter. You may also click to Resend it again in the Registration form.

Q. I have changed my email address or have entered my email incorrectly.

Please start the Registration process over again. You will need to register as a New User and will need the Master Name, Master Password and your new or correct email.

Searching and Selecting

The simplest form of searching for records is by double-clicking on a category pane in the Categories on the left side. This quickly finds all of the records that are associated with that category and will show you how many files are found.
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The Lightbox is a fast and semi-temporary holding place for you to use until you finalize your selection of images.

A perfect collaborative tool since you can save and share this collection with other authorized users.
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Collection Basket

Use the Collection Basket when you want to download files to your computer. This is the perfect place for you to gather, sort, review and if you like change until you have the files you need. Adding files to the Collection Basket will allow you to download your selected files in one of 7 different file sizes from a drop down menu.
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Q. What else can I do with the Collection Basket?

  • Add All To Collection will expedite your collection and delivery of files.
  • Download All will expedite your download of files
  • Download All Notes will send you a text file of all available Notes pertaining to each file
  • Empty will allow you to change your mind and empty the Collection Basket
  • Print contact sheets of selected files in a variety of size combinations based on your desktop printer.
Q. How do I download files?
  1. Select as many files as you require by clicking on the green "Add to Basket" icon below each image. The icon will change to to confirm that the file you selected has been placed in the download basket. Should you find a better file or simply wish to remove it, click on the icon and it will then revert back to green.
  2. At the top of your screen click on the Collection Basket.
  3. The Collection Basket allows you to download your selected files in one of 6 different file sizes.
  4. Select the format that you require for each file in the Collection Basket.
  5. Click "Download All"

Q. I want to download files. What are my options for the different sizes and formats?

Original (default):
This is the best file that is available and has the original programs suffix at the end of the name. i.e. but not limited to could be. .psd (PhotoShop) .eps ( Encapsulated Postscript file) or .ai ( Illustrator Drawing) .mov (Quick Time Movie) in which it was created.

Generally, these would be industry standard file sizes ideal for high quality print or video production.

Full Size Tiff:
A .TIFF file is the industry standard format to work from. Download this format if you have a graphic program such as Photoshop. Ideal for high quality print production. 300dpi, RGB or CMYK.

Full size JPEG:
JPEG files inheritably have a slight compression but the advantage of this is that it will download significantly quicker since it is a smaller file than a .TIFF . With a certain degree of understanding of a graphics program such as Photoshop this file could still be used for high quality print production. 300dpi, RGB or CMYK.

* The following 72dpi file formats are only ideal for very quick downloads. It's main purpose is for screen views or place holders only. Not for reproduction nor high quality printing.

Large JPEG 800Px x 72dpi
Ideal to download if all you needs are going to be for an on screen presentation such as in PowerPoint, KeyNote or if you only need to place the file into a desktop publishing program. As a very general guide an 800Px x 72 dpi will give you a full screen image in PowerPoint or KeyNote.

Medium JPEG 400Px x 72dpi
Ideal to download if all you needs are going to be for an on screen presentation such as in PowerPoint, KeyNote or if you only need to place the file into a desktop publishing program. As a very general guide an 400Px x 72 dpi will give you a 1/2 screen image in PowerPoint or KeyNote.

Small JPEG 200Px x 72dpi
Ideal to download if all you needs are going to be for an on screen presentation such as in PowerPoint, KeyNote or if you only need to place the file into a desktop publishing program. As a very general guide an 200Px x 72 dpi will give you a 1/4 screen image in PowerPoint or KeyNote.

Extra large PNG 800Px x 72dpi (Portable Network Graphics... pronounced PiNG)
Ideal to download when you wish to add a .eps logo graphic to a desktop presentation program and require your logo to have a transparent background. Not for professional-quality print graphics, if the Original file is in a CMYK color space it will be delivered to you in a RGB color space.

Q. I want to send these files to other people, not download them to my computer?

Below each thumbnail you will see the Lightbox icon in green.When you click on it, it will turn red as a confirmation that your selected files has been added to the Lightbox. Once in the Lightbox you can double check, add and remove files until you have exactly what you need in a collection.Click on the Redirector.

* If you do not have the Redirector button please contact your online media library administrator.

Q. What are notes and how do I download them?

Notes are copy or information about the file that the Media Administrator has entered to accompany the image. The Media Library Administrator controls the Note field content. Files with Notes will be downloaded to you as .text files. Not all files contain a Note to download.


The Redirector allows you to easily send files to any number of people via an email link. This would be ideal when you determine not to give an individual the password access to your media library.
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