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Midweek Article [ April 20, 2005 ]
Accessing Images with Razzbonic

Accessing Images with Razzbonic
Award-winning photographer Ric Noyle’s newest business venture is an extension of his life’s work. With his company, Razzbonic, he’s developed an efficient way to store and send large digital images as well as video and audio clips via the Internet.

The idea of creating Razzbonic came to Noyle after he had converted his work to 100 percent digital in 1996.

His clients would tell him they needed one image sent to one person, two images sent to three people, and four other images sent to another group of people.

“I needed a way to solve this,” he says. “While e-mail is phenomenal, it can’t always be used for larger files.”

Razzbonic has evolved over time as Noyle tried twice to get it just right.

“At first it was like pulling an elephant with a small speed boat,” he admits. “Everything was so expensive. Many times I’ve wanted to give up.”

That was until he found two programmers he worked well with to drive the development of Razzbonic to where it is now. For the past three years, Razzbonic has been working full force.

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