How to Razz...

Razzbonic strives to make all of your media files easy to use, deliver and maintain. Our service starts with a good understanding of you and your industry. Consistent and scalable file naming is of critical importance over time.

Evaluate and Organize Your Media Assets

  • Razzbonic will assist you in organizing your files and images to create a media library.
  • A Razzbonic representative will help evaluate the library, determining each file's potential for inclusion in your Razzbonic Online Media Library.
  • Razzbonic will then assist in categorizing media files. A scalable naming convention will be established based on your industry and your company's specific needs.

Catalog and On-line Your Assets

  • Within a short time we will have reviewed, sorted and cataloged and annotated your select media files.
  • Next you will get a"sneak preview" of your exclusive Media Library!
  • We will walk through the Library with you, making changes and corrections until you are completely satisfied.
  • Now you're ready to Razzbonic

Retrieve and Deliver

  • Take advantage of Razzbonic's many features.
  • Authorized users can search, access and instantly download or transmit your assets.
  • Download files in 1 of 7 different file formats

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