Getting to Know Razzbonic

You may incorporate all of your company’s marketing and branding files into Razzbonic. Razzbonic supports all of the industry standard file formats.

For Image formats, such as but not limited to:

AutoCAD Drawing .dwg
Design Web Format .dwf
DNG Raw Image .dng
Encapsulated Postscript .eps
Flash Pix Image .fpx
Flash Document .fla Freehand Document .fh
Illustrator Drawing .ai
JPEG .jpg
Large Document Format .psb
Photoshop Document .psd
TIFF .tiff

For document files, such as but not limited to:

Apple Keynote .key
Apple Pages .pages
Portable Document Format (PDF) .pdf
InDesign Document .indd
MS Excel Document .xls
Quark XPress Document .qxd
MS PowerPoint Presentation .ppt
MS Word Document .doc

For Audio/Video formats, such as but not limited to:

MP3 Format .mp3
MPEG Format .mpg
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) .aiff
MPEG Video .mpg
QuickTime Movie .mov
Flash .swf
Windows Media .wmv
Windows Video .avi

A very important point is that you only need to provide Razzbonic with the single best file available. Razzbonic allows users to convert file formats on the fly, online, and as needed.

Generally, we will require about 4 working days from that point when you provide Razzbonic  with your initial digital media files. Your online media library will then be ready for your authorized users and for global distribution. Razzbonic’s staff will work with you to review all the options of assessing your current and potential media content as well as reviewing your file naming convention and your category tree options.

Yes, depending on your staff’s location, Razzbonic will provide training either in-house or via phone and online support as required.

No. Razzbonic takes great pride in the fact that users can easily navigate themselves through all aspects of our services and features. A general understanding of your web browser and basic computer functions is all that is required. Razzbonic has no software to install and offers a complete maintenance and security service.

Yes. Razzbonic’s trained staff will assist you in every aspect of organizing your marketing materials.

Ideally yes. We have found that when one person is assigned the task of being the point person for our client’s Online Media Libraries the development and growth of the ongoing media has a better consistency.

Yes. The age or speed of the computer is not as critical as having good internet connections. Nothing beats a good solid high-speed internet connection. Depending on their project requirements, having the appropriate graphics software programs and ample hard-drive space will affect their workflow.

Yes. Razzbonic’s security and backup procedures are constantly being upgraded to exceed industry standards. Razzbonic’s backup procedure is a 24x7 obsession!

Razzbonic employs every single possible measure for our users’ security. Protection extends from the point of login and registration to all activities within our site Razzbonic servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2. Razzbonic is a multi-tenant system, and tenant data is strictly separated. A tenant can only access data under their tenant, and we strictly forbid data access across tenants. We have roles/groups/permission mechanisms to prevent unintended access to content.

Authentication: Razzbonic uses ID/password authentication. For integration with 3rd party applications, we use OAuth 2.0 based on refresh tokens and access tokens.

NOTE: OAuth (Open Authorization) doesn’t share password data but instead uses authorization tokens to prove an identity between consumers and service providers. OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows you to approve one application interacting with another on your behalf without giving away your password.

Razzbonic is designed to be fully scalable as your requirements and media needs increase. Your online media library is also designed to grow as you provide Razzbonic with additional media files.

Razzbonic is continually providing new and exciting updates to our current service. In the past 5 years, we have not increased our monthly fees for the new services and features that we have provided our current customers. Our goal would be to continue doing this with our future customers. However, Razzbonic management does reserve the right to change this policy should we be required to do so, at some point in the future.

All your media files on Razzbonic remain your property at all times. Razzbonic does require a written notice of at least 90 days prior to your termination of our services. Upon termination of this agreement all media in your libraries will be removed. Razzbonic can provide you with a proposal to save and transfer your files to removable media, if required, with the exception of non-tangible materials and data provided by you, via online input. This would include but not be limited to the addition of keywords, search categories and online notes, which allow for browser functionality and are not possible to be placed on removable media.

In order to complete the Registration and Login process requires a new user to simply fill in the Registration form and wait for a confirmation email with a hyperlink. You must click on this link to activate your account.

Good news is that 56% of all our users took less than 120 seconds to complete the Registration process.

Razzbonic helps you to create and maintain your own media file organization structure. Just like on your own computer. Sort, search, download or deliver. Only a few clicks away. Your images, audio, video and documents. Every time!