Introducing Razzbonic

Managing, finding and sharing your media files for your entire creative team is more often than not, a time consuming endeavor.

Have you ever...

  • misplaced an image that was critical to the success of a campaign?
  • used the wrong version of a logo?
  • sent wrong sized image?
  • been unavailable for a request for an image that would result in a valuable opportunity?
  • spent valuable time searching for a misplaced photo?

Get the picture?

Razzbonic takes the worry out of digital asset management. Look to Razzbonic for fast, efficient organization of all of your media files.

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Here's what you can expect:

  • A centralized, secure catalog of all your image assets
  • A functional naming system that assures easy access
  • Secure, immediate access to digital files
  • Ability to meet critical deadlines
  • Authorized 24/7 access
  • Ability to send files in almost any format
  • Ease of training, ease of use
  • Back-up storage in a fully redundant back-up data storage center
  • Mobile phone access

Razzbonic! Your key to worry-free digital management.