How to Razz...

Razzbonic strives to make all of your media files easy to use, deliver and maintain. Our service starts with a good understanding of you and your industry. Consistent and scalable file naming is of critical importance over time.

Evaluate and Organize Your Media Assets

  • Razzbonic will assist you in organizing your files and images to create a media library.
  • A Razzbonic representative will help evaluate the library, determining each file's potential for inclusion in your Razzbonic Online Media Library.
  • Razzbonic will then assist in categorizing media files. A scalable naming convention will be established based on your industry and your company's specific needs.
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Catalog and On-line Your Assets

  • Within a short time we will have reviewed, sorted and cataloged and annotated your select media files.
  • Next you will get a"sneak preview" of your exclusive Media Library!
  • We will walk through the Library with you, making changes and corrections until you are completely satisfied.
  • Now you're ready to Razzbonic

Retrieve and Deliver

  • Take advantage of Razzbonic's many features.
  • Authorized users can search, access and instantly download or transmit your assets.
  • Download files in multiple different file formats

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A very important point is that you only need to provide Razzbonic with the single best file available. If it is a photograph then then only the very best and biggest files that you have.

If it is a logo then the ideal and the only format that we recommend would be a vector file either .eps or an .ai file. This will allow your logos to be fully scaleable and have no restrictions for any of your users.

Razzbonic allows users to convert file formats on the fly, online, and as needed. You may incorporate all of your company's marketing and branding files into Razzbonic.

Razzbonic supports all of the industry standard file formats.